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Unirac Solobox Junction Box

Unirac Solobox Junction Box


Unirac Solobox Junction Box


Featuring FLASHLOC Technology, SOLOBOX saves you time and labor on the roof by limiting shingle cutting and prying nails on attic runs. For rail-mounted applications, SOLOBOX mounts quickly to Unirac’s J-Box Mounting Bracket and has a low-profile design to sit under the panels (where permitted). The box itself can support 2 attic pass-throughs and features a hinging lid, a single captive screw, pre-drilled weep holes, and an option for a pre-assembled din rail.

Minimize roof damage​

  • Featuring FLASHLOC technology that helps preserve the roof and shingles
  • Allows for attic runs or can be rail mounted
  • Optional pre-assembled din rail
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