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Unirac ENDCAPD1 Nxt Horizon RL & Clamp Cap Kit

Unirac ENDCAPD1 Nxt Horizon RL & Clamp Cap Kit


Unirac NXT Horizon ENDCAPD1 Rail & Clamp Cap Kit
Introduce a polished finish to your solar installation with the Unirac NXT Horizon ENDCAPD1 Rail & Clamp Cap Kit. This kit is designed to cap off Unirac solar mounting rails and clamps, providing a sleek and professional appearance while also protecting the system components from environmental elements. Ideal for both residential and commercial solar projects, the ENDCAPD1 Kit ensures your installation not only looks great but is also safeguarded against corrosion and wear.

Designed specifically for use with Unirac NXT Horizon solar mounting systems.
Includes caps for both rails and clamps, ensuring full coverage and protection.
Made from high-quality materials for durability and long-term performance.
Easy to install, snapping into place without the need for additional tools or hardware.
Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your solar installation while providing an extra layer of protection.
Product Overview
The Unirac NXT Horizon ENDCAPD1 Rail & Clamp Cap Kit is an essential accessory for any solar installation utilizing Unirac's innovative mounting systems. By seamlessly integrating with your existing setup, this kit not only improves the overall look of your solar array but also extends the lifespan of the mounting components by preventing the ingress of moisture and debris.

Installation and Compatibility
Featuring a straightforward installation process, the ENDCAPD1 Kit is designed for quick and easy application, allowing you to efficiently complete your solar project with a professional touch. Compatible exclusively with the Unirac NXT Horizon series, this kit is a perfect match for your Unirac solar mounting system, ensuring a secure fit and cohesive look.

Benefits and Applications
Utilizing the Unirac NXT Horizon ENDCAPD1 Rail & Clamp Cap Kit in your solar installation brings numerous advantages, including improved durability, enhanced protection against the elements, and elevated aesthetic quality. Suitable for a wide array of installation types, from rooftop residential arrays to large-scale commercial projects, this kit is an invaluable addition to your solar system, ensuring it remains visually appealing and structurally sound for years to come.

Specification    Value
Compatibility    Unirac NXT Horizon Series
Components Included    Rail & Clamp Caps
Material    Durable Plastic
Installation    Tool-free, Snap-on

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