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Unirac 360200 Gridflex 5D Mid Support

Unirac 360200 Gridflex 5D Mid Support

SKU: 360200-1P

NOTE This is for the Unirac 360200 Gridflex 5D Mid Support only



GRIDFLEX 5 is a rail-based flat roof system done Unirac style. That means we have brought our 20+ years and 5GW+ of pioneering experience to bear to make a system that answers all the needs of engineers, designers and installers. You’re in a race, and we want to help you win—not just finish. 


Low PSFs, with low ballast counts. The grid gives strength and flexibility.
Preassembled stanchion clamps, a hinged module clamp, and short rail sections that bolt together.
Module clamps grip both sides of the module frame and have been wind tunnel tested to withstand the elements. 

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