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Unirac 008004S  SolarMount Two-Wire Clip 100 Pack

Unirac 008004S SolarMount Two-Wire Clip 100 Pack

SKU: 008004S

Unirac 008004S  SolarMount Two-Wire Clip 100 Pack


UniRac 008004S SolarMount, Two-Wire Clip, Wire Management Clip, SS
The UniRac 008004S SolarMount is an essential accessory designed for efficient wire management in solar panel installations. Its robust build and innovative design ensure secure wire management, enhancing the overall reliability of your solar system.

Special Features
Durable stainless steel construction
Two-wire clip design for secure fastening
Efficient wire management for organized installations
Compatible with various solar panel mounting systems
Easy installation process for quick setup
Technology and Overview
The UniRac 008004S SolarMount utilizes advanced engineering and high-quality materials to provide reliable wire management solutions. Its two-wire clip design ensures a secure grip on wires, preventing dislodgment even in challenging environmental conditions.

Installation and Compatibility
This wire management clip is designed for easy installation, compatible with a wide range of solar panel mounting systems. It seamlessly integrates into your setup, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your solar installation.

Benefits and Applications
The UniRac 008004S SolarMount offers numerous benefits, including cost-saving through efficient wire management, reduced maintenance efforts, and increased system reliability. It is ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial solar installations, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Product Specifications
Material    Stainless Steel
Clip Type    Two-Wire Clip
Compatibility    Universal

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