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Ironridge BX-10D-P1 BX Chassis 10 deg

Ironridge BX-10D-P1 BX Chassis 10 deg

SKU: BX-10D-P1

IronRidge BX-10D-P1 10 Degree BX System Chassis


The IronRidge BX-10D-P1 10 Degree BX System Chassis is a foundational component of the BX mounting system designed for solar panel installations. Engineered with a 10-degree tilt angle, this chassis is optimized to accommodate solar arrays in locations where a slight tilt is desired for enhanced energy production.

Special Features

  • Designed for the IronRidge BX mounting system.
  • Features a 10-degree tilt angle for optimized solar array positioning.
  • Durable construction ensures reliability in various environmental conditions.

Technology and Overview

The IronRidge BX-10D-P1 Chassis is crafted with high-quality materials and precision engineering to provide a robust foundation for solar panel installations. Its 10-degree tilt angle allows for optimal positioning of solar arrays, maximizing energy production potential and enhancing system efficiency.

Installation and Compatibility

This chassis is designed for straightforward installation within the IronRidge BX mounting system. It is compatible with a range of roof types and structures, offering versatility in deployment. The 10-degree tilt angle provides flexibility in system design and allows for efficient utilization of available space.

Benefits and Applications

The IronRidge BX-10D-P1 Chassis offers several benefits, including enhanced energy production, system efficiency, and durability. It is suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial solar installations, providing a reliable solution for mounting solar arrays with optimized tilt angles.

Product Specifications

Tilt Angle10 degrees
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