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Ironridge AE-MID-01-B1 Aire Lock Mid, Black 30mm - 40mm

Ironridge AE-MID-01-B1 Aire Lock Mid, Black 30mm - 40mm


IronRidge Aire AE-MID-01-B1 Black Mid Clamp, 30mm-40mm

The IronRidge Aire AE-MID-01-B1 is a reliable black mid clamp designed to securely fasten solar panels to mounting rails. This mid clamp is suitable for solar panels with a frame thickness ranging from 30mm to 40mm, providing a versatile solution for your solar installation needs.

  • Versatile Compatibility: The AE-MID-01-B1 mid clamp is compatible with a wide range of solar panels, accommodating frame sizes within the 30mm to 40mm thickness range. It offers flexibility in designing your solar array.
  • Secure Panel Mounting: This mid clamp ensures a secure and tight grip on solar panels, preventing any movement or shifting. It contributes to the stability and durability of your solar array, even in challenging weather conditions.
  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted from durable materials, the AE-MID-01-B1 mid clamp is built to withstand outdoor elements and provide long-lasting performance, ensuring the safety and integrity of your solar panels.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the mid clamp is straightforward, making it suitable for both DIY solar projects and professional installations. It facilitates a quick and hassle-free setup.

Technology and Overview

The IronRidge Aire AE-MID-01-B1 employs advanced technology to securely fasten solar panels while offering compatibility with various panel frame sizes. Its black finish provides a sleek and modern appearance for your solar installation.

Installation and Compatibility Overview

Installing the AE-MID-01-B1 mid clamp is user-friendly and efficient. It is designed to accommodate solar panels with frame thicknesses within the 30mm to 40mm range, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of panels and mounting systems.

Benefits and Applications Overview

This black mid clamp delivers multiple benefits, including versatile compatibility, secure panel attachment, and a sleek appearance. It can be used in various solar applications, contributing to both the functionality and aesthetics of your solar array.

Product Specifications

Product TypeMid Clamp
Frame Thickness Compatibility30mm - 40mm
MaterialDurable Material
CompatibilityCompatible with Various Solar Panels and Mounting Systems
WarrantyManufacturer's Warranty Included
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