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Solar Connector, Male, PV-JK03M2/XY, Jinko

Solar Connector, Male, PV-JK03M2/XY, Jinko

$2.50 Regular Price
$1.89Sale Price
Jinko Solar Connector, Female, PV-JK03M2/XY,

The Jinko
PV-JK03F solar connectors are designed for use with #10 AWG or #12 AWG stranded wire.

NOTE: Jinko does not make a crimping tool at this time, and recommends that an MC4 type crimp tool be used for assembly.

Product Features:
High security, only unbolt by tools
Low contact resistance
Nut retaining structure of ratchet wheel prevents torsion failure
Resistance to ozone and ultraviolet radiation
Degree of Protection: IP68
Certification of TV, UL, and JET
Compatible with all Jinko connectors
Rated Voltage 1500V DC

Rated Current
45A (12AWG)
50A (10AWG)
Ambient Temperature -40C~+85C
Upper Limit Temperature 115C
Degree of Protection, mated IP68 (1m,2h)
Degree of Protection, unmated IP2X
Application Class Class A
Over Voltage Category/ Pollution Degree CAT III/2
Contact Resistance = 0.2mO
Protection Class Class II
Terminal Connection Crimping
Conduction Material Cu alloy plating
Insulation Material PA
Certification Standard TV IEC 62852:2014 ; UL6703
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