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Aclara I-210+ AC Meter, Kilowatt Hour, Form 2S, 120v, Class 100, 60 HZ

Aclara I-210+ AC Meter, Kilowatt Hour, Form 2S, 120v, Class 100, 60 HZ

SKU: 727X100001
$175.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
Aclara I-210+ AC Meter, Kilowatt Hour, Form 2S, 120v, Class 100, 60 HZ

Aclara I-210+ Electric Meter

The I-210+, Aclaras single phase basic energy meter, offers utilities high quality, solid-state measurement performance, affordability, accuracy and reliability. The I-210+ measures energy, and with the addition of a soft switch, is compatible with a suite of third-party AMR solutions. The I210+ features an optional integrated, factory-installed remote disconnect switch to help utilities efficiently address non-payments and move-in, move-outs.

Highly Accurate Measurements

Typically measured at +/- 0.2 percent, the Aclara I-210 family of meters provides best-in-class accuracy, combined with the low starting watts to metered value and measured electricity usage.

Broad Communications Support

The I-210 family allows for the interchangeability of AMR/AMI modules and covers the broadest range of possible AMI communication technologies including RF mesh, cellular, power line and Ethernet.

Billing and Smart Applications

Utilities can save energy, lower costs, and defer additional transmission and generation expenses with the ability to shave peak load, shape load and curtail load to mitigate grid events. Additionally, consumers can conserve energy and shift energy use for time-of use or time-based rate structures offering customer savings from 5 to 15 percent of their monthly electricity use.

Load Management

The I-210+ is equipped with a fully rated 200A service switch; this meter platform provides basic load management functionality.

Additional features and options include:

  • Remote disconnect: The disconnect switch is fully integrated inside the I-210+.
  • Network Applications: The I-210+ is available in 12S and 25S forms for network applications.
  • Four options for Energy Accumulation
  • Additional functionality and flexibility provided by soft switch a software application to enable the meter with additional functionality. Soft switch can be loaded onto the meter at the time of order or after the meter has been put in service.
  • IEEE Reliability DataThis is an option that can be added via the V2 soft switch and allows the utility to directly measure and monitor quality of service provided to the customer.
  • A patented firmware algorithm to detect tamper-by-meter inversion (turning the meter upside down).
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