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SolarEdge BI-NUSGN-02 Home Backup Interface

SolarEdge BI-NUSGN-02 Home Backup Interface

SKU: 300-09522-ITC30

SolarEdge BI-NUSGN-02 Energy Hub Backup Interface, 11.4kW Rated Power, with 5000W Autoformer and CTs, Import/Export Meter, Main Lug Only rated for Load Side Connection

Critical Loads Backup Interface for Flexible Backup - Now with Higher Rated Capacity in On-Grid and Backup Operation

For partial home (critical loads) backup, the SolarEdge BI-NUSGN-02 Energy Hub Backup Interface (which does not include the 200A main breaker) can be fed from the main panel and used as an isolation device for essential loads (up to 200A) to remain operational during a grid outage. For long duration outages, the BI also allows for generator input connection. The addition of a generator will permit the system to sustain longer outages when solar resources may be limited. Each Backup Interface comes standard with one 40A circuit breaker. If you are installing more than one SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter, you will need to purchase either a SolarEdge CB-UPG-40-01 Circuit Breaker or a CB-UPG-63-01 for inverters 2 and 3. This new version has higher rated AC power at 11.4kW in on-grid and backup operation compared to the previous version which only has a maximum rated AC power of 7.6kW.

The SolarEdge home backup solution automatically provides full or partial home backup power day or night, when the grid goes down. Unused solar power is stored in a high voltage battery, such as LG Chem RESU or SolarEdge Energy Bank, for use during grid failures providing increased homeowner energy independence, in addition to its on-grid capabilities for maximizing self-consumption and electricity savings. The backup interface connects to the Energy Hub inverter (sold separately), automatically providing backup power to full or partial home loads during grid failures. It enables homeowners full flexibility when deciding which household loads to backup. The backup interface is pre-fitted with the SolarEdge energy meter (for self-consumption management) and the auto-transformer (for split phase balancing), for faster installations.

NOTE: If the load imposed on the system during backup is greater than the inverter rating, the system will disconnect.


  • Automatically provides backup power to home loads in the event of grid interruption
  • Critical loads backup
  • Scalable solution to support higher power & higher capacity
  • Built-in Auto Transformer and Energy Meter for easier and faster installation
  • Seamless integration with the Energy Hub inverter to manage and monitor both PV generation and energy storage
  • Generator connection support*

* Requires supporting inverter firmware

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