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MidNite Solar MNBCB-1000-100 Battery Combiner

MidNite Solar MNBCB-1000-100 Battery Combiner

SKU: 034-00006

MidNite 1000amp battery combiner box
Includes a 1000amp Positive and Negative bus bar with 3/8 inch studs. Cables can be doule lugged and the copper bus bar can be drilled for additional mounting locations, We recommend you use 3/8 inch stainless bolts if you drill holes to attach more ring terminals

Includes a 1000amp 100mv Shunt with 1/2 inch bolt for customer connection (SMA uses 50mv shunt), 1000amp 50mv shunt available see MNBCB-1000/50 (SMA uses 50mv shunt(Has locations for up to 12 of our MNEDC Battery Breakers Powder Coated Steel)

Useful for dual Radian inverters as well as for combining multiple strings of batteries.

  • Max. AC Voltage - 277VAC
  • Max. DC Voltage - 300VDC
  • Max. Wire Size - 4/0
  • Number of Spaces - 12
  • Environment Rating - Type 1 environmental rating (indoor)
  • Warranty - 5yrs
  • Made in USA
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