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HomeGrid HG-FS48100-15OSJ1-H/P Stackd 4.8kWh Module Battery w/Heater Stainless

HomeGrid HG-FS48100-15OSJ1-H/P Stackd 4.8kWh Module Battery w/Heater Stainless

SKU: 040-13203

NEW! HOMEGRID LiFePO4 batteries by Lithion

HOMEGRID Compact Series
The HOMEGRID Compact Series 5.1kWh battery is a great wall-mounted solution for smaller residential applications. Use it to power efficient homes, cabins, tiny homes, or less demanding backup loads for single family homes. The 128 pound battery is mounted on the wall for a clean installation taking up minimal space.
HOMEGRID Stack'd Series
The HOMEGRID Stack'd Series batteries are an excellent value for all energy storage applications. These can be used to good effect for deep cycling on a daily basis as needed for off grid, self-consumption, peak load shaving, and also work well for backup systems. They use the preferred Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry for stationary energy storage. It is thermally stable and has high cycle life compared to most other Li-ion technologies. The HOMEGRID batteries can be used with most 48 V inverters and charge controllers with closed loop communication, or open loop as a lead battery replacement.

The HOMEGRID Stack'd Series batteries install easily by stacking one atop each other. There is a base at the bottom of the stack and the BMS controller module tops the stack of up to 8 battery modules. Each battery module has configuration switches and a power switch. Both the power and communications between modules in the stack are plugged together as the modules are stacked together. There is no extra wiring or bus bars between the stacked battery modules. The Battery Management System (BMS) in the control unit at the top of each stack monitors cell module voltage, battery voltage, battery current, battery temperature, battery state of charge, and battery state of health. The controller modules has a digital display, configuration switches, communication ports, an on/off switch and power connections.
Note: The Stack'd batteries have a lower nominal voltage, 48.0 volts instead of 51.2 volts, than most LFP batteries and if installed without closed loop communications to the chargers, must have appropriate set points, that are not going to be the same as most common LFP batteries.
The optional HOMEGRID Integrated Series Enclosure sits atop the Stack'd series to house the Sol-Ark inverter and create an all in one solution, taking up no additional floor space.
There are communication ports for RS232, RS485, and CAN bus. Either RS485 or CANbus can be used for closed loop communications to a variety of inverters. Closed loop communication provides interaction between the Stack’d controller module and the inverter system. There is a digital display on the front of the controller module with needed battery information. As well, reporting of battery status is available through the inverter monitoring and web services.
Safe and robust Li chemistry type
Very easy and fast installation
Closed loop communication with Schneider, Sol-Ark, and other inverters 
High rate charge/discharge, high round trip efficiency
Complete monitoring of all battery parameters
Up to 8 battery modules per stack of Stack'd Series. Up to 6 stacks per inverter system.
Up to 15 Compact Series systems in parallel
Terminal bus bars are supplied with the controller module for connection of up to 4/0 cables. The charging temperature range is 32°F (0°C) to 113°F (45°C).
Listed to UL 1642,  UL1973 and UL 9540. Ships as Hazardous materials Class 9, UN 38.3 (UNDOT).
10 year warranty and up to 6000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge.
High Capacity 38.4kWh
Up to 15 units in parallel

10 year Warranty
20 year serviceable

Modular Design
Each module has a capacity of 4.8kWh,
with each Stack supporting 2-8 modules.

High Power 15kW
Whole home backup

Live Communications
Real time display, mobile access,
established closed-loop communications

Safe for Home & Environment
Cobalt Free, low voltage
UL 1642, UL 1973, UN 38.3,
UL 9540, UL 9540a, CEC, SGIP, OGPe


BMS/Base: HG-MC100-200M2
4.8kWh Module: HG-FS48100-15OSJ1
4.8kWh Module with Heating Feature: HG-FS48100-15OSJ1-H
Stainless Steel Base, Controller, and Modules: HG-MC100-200M2-P
with Heating Feature: HG-FS48100-150SJ1-H/P

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