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SolarEdge SE6000H-USSNBBL14 Energy Hub Inverter w/ 6kW battery access, 030-09667

SolarEdge SE6000H-USSNBBL14 Energy Hub Inverter w/ 6kW battery access, 030-09667

$3,300.00 Regular Price
$2,550.00Sale Price

SolarEdge Single Phase Energy Hub Hybrid Inverters

SolarEdge Energy Hub Hybrid inverters with Prism technology are a smaller form factor and weight of the previous generation, and achieve up to 99% efficiency. Lightweight in comparison to other hybrid inverters, and improved commissioning through the SetApp mobile application on a smartphone or tablet. All commissioning and updating firmware is now done through your smart mobile device. This inverter comes with a built-in DC safety switch, integrated rapid shutdown, and features a standard 12-year warranty extendable to 20 or 25 years.

Up to three SolarEdge Energy Hub Hybrid inverters can be stacked for up to a total 22.8 kW capacity when using the SolarEdge Backup Interface. The Backup Interface is used as an isolation device to island the system from the utility during a grid event. Each Energy Hub inverter can support up to two LG Prime batteries, or up to three* SolarEdge Energy Bank batteries. The SolarEdge Backup Interface BI-EUSGN comes installed with a 200A main breaker and can intercept a 200A utility feed to provide for a whole home power backup solution, when deployed with sufficient inverters and batteries.

For partial home backup, the SolarEdge Backup Interface BI-NUSGN (which does not include the 200A main breaker) can be fed from the main panel and used as an isolation device for essential loads (up to 200A) to remain operational during a grid outage. For long duration outages, the BI also allows for generator input connection. The addition of a generator will permit the system to sustain longer outages when solar resources may be limited. If the load imposed on the system during backup is greater than the inverter rating, the system will disconnect. For sizing assistance please contact our tech team at

The Energy Hub inverters can also be installed without the BUI, allowing an upgradable system to be deployed now, adding the Backup Interface and batteries at a later date when needed.

*Pending firmware update


  • Please compare Manufacturer Part Number to manufacturer datasheet to ensure accurate specifications.
  • "Battery Access" refers to the maximum power output of the inverter when disconnected from the grid and drawing from multiple batteries. For example, the SE3800H-USMNBBL14 can export 16A to the grid, but can provide 32A of backup power when the grid goes down if battery capacity allows.
  • Refer to "Energy Hub Battery Compatibility List" in Downloads tab to ensure compatibility between inverter and battery.
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