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Schneider Electric Conext XW Pro Inverter Charger 48V 120/240VAC UL1741SA 865-68

Schneider Electric Conext XW Pro Inverter Charger 48V 120/240VAC UL1741SA 865-68

SKU: 030-01231
$5,500.00 Regular Price
$4,150.00Sale Price
The Conext XW Pro hybrid inverter/charger is an updated version of the XW+ line. The XW Pro has the ability to adapt to the new utility requirement for grid tied inverters. They are now listed to the new UL1741-SA standard and can be installed and connected to utilities in areas where that is required, such as California Rule 21.

NOTE: The XW Pro should be used with the Conext Gateway instead of the Combox for LAN and internet connections.

A Conext System Control Panel should be used with an XW system for programming and control of the system.

The new Conext XW Pro solar hybrid inverter/charger is a future-ready solution designed to adapt to next-generation grid requirements.

Together with Schneider Electrics broad range of Conext solar products, the Conext XW Pro is the ideal solution for solar and storage requirements that comply with evolving grid codes.

  • Rule 21 compliant with a planned development roadmap to meet other utility requirements in North America
  • Integrated with ConextTM Gateway and ConextTM Insight 2 for simplified system configuration and powerful remote monitoring & control
  • Interoperates with solar charge controllers and PV inverters in AC-coupled configurations


  • Continuous Output Power at 25C (77F): 6,800 Watts
  • Overload Power (30 min / 60 sec) 25C (77F) : 8,500 / 12,000 Watts
  • Continuous Output Power at 40C (104F): 6,000 Watts
  • Output AC Frequency: 50/60 Hz (selectable)
  • Max. Output Charging Current: 140 Amps (battery temp. sensor is included)
  • Peak Efficiency: 95.7%
  • Weight: 121.7 lbs.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 23" x 16" x 9"
  • Regulatory Approval: UL1741, CSA 107.1, FCC & Industry Canada Class B, IEEE 1547 and CSA 107.1
Device short name Conext XW Pro for North America
Inverter AC output (standalone)
Output power (continuous) at 25C 6800 W
Overload 30 min/60 sec at 25C 8500 W/12000 W
Output power (continuous) at 40C 6000 W
Maximum output current 60 seconds (rms) 102 A (120 V); 52 A (240 V)
Output frequency (selectable) 50/60 Hz
Output voltage L-N: 120 V +/- 3%; L-L: 240 V +/- 3%
Total harmonic distortion at rated power < 5 %
Idle consumption search mode < 8 W
Input DC voltage range 42 to 60 V (48 V nominal)
Maximum input DC current 180 A
Charger DC output
Maximum output charge current 140 A
Output charge voltage range 40 64 V (48 V nominal)
Charge control Three-stage, two-stage, boost, custom
Charge temperature compensation Battery temperature sensor included
Power factor corrected charging 0.98
Compatible battery types Flooded (default), Gel, AGM, Lithium-ion, custom*
Battery bank range (scaled to PV array size) 440 10000 Ah
AC input
AC 1 (grid) input current (selectable limit) 3 60 A (60 A default)
AC 2 (generator) input current (selectable limit) 3 60 A (60 A default)
Automatic transfer relay rating/typical transfer time 60 A/8 ms
AC input voltage limits (bypass/charge mode)
L-N: 78 - 140 V (120 V nominal);
L-L: 160 - 270 V (240 V nominal)
AC input frequency range (bypass/charge mode) 55 65 Hz (default) 52 68 Hz (allowable)
AC grid-tie output
Grid sell current range on AC1(selectable limit) 0 to 48 A (120 V) / 0 to 27 A (240 V)
Grid sell current range on AC1(auto adjusts entering sell mode)
L-N: 105.5 to 132 +/- 1.5 V;
L-L: 211 to 264 +/- 3.0 V
Grid sell frequency range on AC1(auto adjusts entering sell mode) 59.4 to 60.4 +/- 0.05 Hz
Peak 95.7%
CEC weighted efficiency 92.5% 2.5
General specifications
Part number 865-6848-21
Product/shipping weight 55.2 kg (121.7 lb)/76.7 kg (169.0 lb)
Product dimensions (H x W x D) 58 x 41 x 23 cm (23 x 16 x 9 in)
Shipping dimensions (H x W x D) 71.1 x 57.2 x 39.4 cm
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