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Outback BKR-CTRL-DC Control Power Supply

Outback BKR-CTRL-DC Control Power Supply

SKU: 053-03321
$720.00 Regular Price
$550.00Sale Price
Outback Power PV Rapid Shutdown Integrated Combiner Solution With AFCI The BKR-CTRL-DC breaker control and power supply provides power to the Remote Shutdown Initiator (RSI), the Relay-Trip Breakers, and the FWPV6-FH600-SDA combiner box. The power supply is normally installed inside the electrical load center, such as a FLEXware 500 or 1000. It can be installed with a FLEXware 250, but the included mounting bracket must be installed on the outside the enclosure. It can also be installed inside the GSLC by filling one of the circuit breaker slots on the DC rail. The mounting bracket will allow the device to be installed in external locations on the GSLC and the Radian inverter. DC Breaker Control & Power Supply 

To be installed in the PV system load center (see user manual for mounting information)
Powers up to two relay-trip breakers and six ICS Plus combiner boxes
Nominal battery voltages supported: 24, 32, 36, and 48 Volts DC
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