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OutBack Systems MATE3s Advanced System Display and Controller

OutBack Systems MATE3s Advanced System Display and Controller

SKU: 030-04178
$625.00 Regular Price
$525.00Sale Price
OutBack Power MATE Remote Monitors

The MATE3s system display and controller is the latest generation communication interface providing control of every aspect of an OutBack Power System. The MATE3s is specifically Designed for UL 1741 SA compliance. Program and monitor your power system with an intuitive user interface and integrated configuration wizard. The ability to set unique multi-level user passwords makes it possible to secure critical system settings from unintended changes while still allowing open access to necessary functions. An easy-to-read backlit graphical LCD display, a user-set favorite key, and scroll-wheel operation allow easy adjustment of system set points. Expandable SD card memory allows you to increase data-logging capacity as well as upgrade units in the field. Built-in clock and calendar enable timer-based programming, permitting the user to set the system up to work with time-of-use utility rates, or set up a generator to only run at certain times of the day or week. The MATE3s has permanent memory and includes OutBack Powers best-in-class OPTICS Internet monitoring platform.

OPTICS RE is a user-friendly online monitoring and control system that displays instantaneous and historical system performance via the Internet as well as provides remote troubleshooting and control functionality. Automated e-mail alerts can be set up to notify when faults or other events occur, enabling proactive maintenance. Most MATE3 system settings can be viewed and adjusted remotely via OPTICS RE, minimizing the need for on-site troubleshooting. OpticsRE is included with the MATE3s.

The original MATE is able to connect multiple inverter/chargers to OutBack Power FM charge controllers and to other OutBack power conversion and control products. The MATE2 has a flush-mount black face for panel or in-wall mounting, but offers the same functionality as the MATE.

NOTE: The original Mate and Mate3 do not work with all the functions and modes in the current OutBack Power inverters. Only the Mate3s will work with SA compliant inverters (-01).
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