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OutBack Power FireRaptor pigtail wire for first rapid shutdown unit OBFRS-SIGCAB

OutBack Power FireRaptor pigtail wire for first rapid shutdown unit OBFRS-SIGCAB

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OutBack Power IMO FireRaptor Rapid Shutdown

The FireRaptor rapid shutdown system from IMO is a reliable, robust, simple module level rapid shutdown system.

One FireRaptor OBFRS-01 unit is installed on each module, and is powered by a two conductor cable system with its own connectors. The communications cabling is hard wired, there is no wireless or power line communications in this system that can fail due to interference from the charge control, inverter, or externally. The operation is simple, if power is supplied to the units at ~24 VDC they will turn on, if that power is interrupted, they will turn off. The OBFRS-01 will also turn off if it senses an ambient temperature over 185F (85C) and turn back on when the temperature drops. If it senses a temperature over 198F (92C) it will shutdown and require a manual reset.

This system is compatible with any charge controls or inverters. Each OBFRS-01 unit comes with two MC4 module connectors on 5 inch pigtails, two string series pigtails each at 71 inches with MC4 connectors, and two control wire pigtails each at 71 inches with special connectors. The control wire is jacketed dual conductor, and the connectors work for both connectors.

The OBFRS-SIGCAB1.8-F is a cable assembly with a connector on one end that plugs into the first FireRaptor and is hard wired into the array j-box on the other end. It adds another 71 inches in length to the lead on the first FireRaptor.

OBFRS-ESW1 is an Emergency Shutoff Switch that is used to turn the solar array on and off. It comes with a 120 VAC to 24 VDC power supply capable of powering up to 40 FireRaptors. If the 120 VAC power to the unit is off the system will shutdown automatically. If the manual button is pushed the system will shutdown. A 48 VDC to 24 VDC power supply can be substituted for the AC to DC power supply that comes with the ESW1 for a more reliable manual shutdown for systems with backup power. Emergency shutoff switches from other systems can be substituted for the ESW1. For OutBack this can be the RSI, and for MidNite the MNBirdhouse. Using the Aux contact closure in those switches will shut off power to the FireRators on rapid shutdown, serving the same purpose as the ESW1. This is helpful for systems with charge controls that require a disconnect at the charge control end of the circuit because the FireRaptor system will not serve that function directly.

If your modules will never exceed 40 VDC under any conditions, you can use two modules in series for each OBFRS-01 unit (code requires a maximum of 80 VDC in the array on shutdown). The FireRaptor OBFRS-01 does not have any monitoring or optimization.

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