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FLEXware 500 DC Enclosure, FW500-DC, OutBack

FLEXware 500 DC Enclosure, FW500-DC, OutBack

SKU: 030-04212
$521.00 Regular Price
$398.00Sale Price
OutBack FLEXware FW500-DC Enclosure For applications with medium power requirements such as homes, light commercial or larger back-up power systems. The FLEXware 500 system architecture is capable of supporting up to two OutBack FX Series Inverter/Chargers, up to two MX60 Charge Controllers and all the associated AC and DC components. Thanks to a very compact design, 

FLEXware 500 AC and DC enclosures mount with a FLEXware MP in either a horizontal or vertical orientation to allow installation in more space limited locations for a fast and professional looking wall-mounted installation.

The FLEXware 500 accommodates all of the essential protective devices in two enclosures. Model: FW500-DC DC enclosure which mounts at the DC side of one or two FX Series Inverter/Chargers.

Supports up to six terminal bus bars (not including GBB) and up to three shunt assemblies depending on configuration

Includes: Ground bus bar, 500 Amp DC shunt assembly, positive bus, breaker mounting hardware, FW-BBUS and enclosure mounting hardware
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