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Dual DC ground fault protector, 100 amp, 150VDC, panel mount, 2 pole, MNDC-GFP10

Dual DC ground fault protector, 100 amp, 150VDC, panel mount, 2 pole, MNDC-GFP10

SKU: 053-03150
$150.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
The MNDC-GFP100 Ground Fault Protector is a 4 position panel mount breaker that disconnects power in the event of a ground fault. The MNDG-GFP100 mounts easily in an E-Panel or other similar electrical box. The MNDC-GFP100 can be wired to sense the ground fault directly or to be remotely tripped. The Classic Charge Controller can sense faults and send a signal to the MNDC-GFP100 to cause it to open the protected circuits. See wiring diagrams starting on the next page. When installing a DC-GFP in the PV circuit, make sure there is no battery minus to ground connection. That would effectively short out the sense circuit on the DC-GFP. MidNite solar offers other DC-GFP devices. One is a 63 amp single circuit din rail mount device another is an 80 amp single circuit panel mount device. There is also a 50 amp 300VDC device. The Midnite Dual GFP-100 is ideal for dual arrays. DC-GFPs are a very misunderstood device. When looking at a wiring diagram you will notice that part of the DC-GFP is a high current breaker. Connected in series with the GFP is yet another high current DC breaker. It is a common mistake to think the second breaker is unnecessary. NEC2008 requires a DC-GFP on all systems whether mounted on the roof top of a residence or not. The NEC also does not allow the DC-GFP to be the PV disconnect. When the DC-GFP is turned off, it leaves the battery negative ungrounded. The only time it is allowed that the system be ungrounded is during a fault condition. This requirement necessitates a PV disconnect in series with the DC-GFP. Some DC-GFPs such as the Midnite Solar MNDC-GFP100-Dual breaker break both the positive and negative circuits, this provides the highest level of protection.
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