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Accu-CT Current Sensor 200A, ACTL-0750-200 For Solaredge SolarEdge Systems

Accu-CT Current Sensor 200A, ACTL-0750-200 For Solaredge SolarEdge Systems

SKU: 029-02081-ITC26
$55.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
SolarEdge Electricity Meter CTs

Current transformers (CTs) provide a simple, inexpensive, and accurate means of measuring current flow in SolarEdge Electricity Meters. When ordering a SolarEdge Electricity Meter, order compatible current transformers as well.

Split-Core Current Transformer Standard and Revenue Grade Accuracy

Square 0.75 in. window opening Accu-CTs are available with rated currents from 5A to 250 A. The 0.333 Vac output is very linear with the industrys lowest phase angle error. All CTs Are Not the Same!

The patented Accu-CT split-core current transformer technology delivers exceptional linearity and low-end accuracy. Developed specifically for solar inverter, variable speed motor drive, and other applications where there are large variations in current. The 100:1 turn down ratio of Accu-CTs is ten times better than industry standard CTs. The unique one-handed opening and closing mechanism makes installation a snap.

ACTL series CTs are available in both standard and revenue grade accuracy models. A serialized calibration certificate can be requested for C0.6 and better revenue grade models.

Safe: built-in burden resistor provides 0.333 Vac voltage output at the rated full scale currentno shorting blocks needed!

Glove-friendly: easy to open and install with one hand while wearing safety gloves

IEEE C57.13 and IEC 60044-1 accuracy: over full temperature range and down to below 1% of rated current

Exceptionally low phase angle error: essential for accurate power and energy measurements

UL 2808 Listed meets 2017 NEC code requirements for field installed current transformers

Approvals: CE mark and RoHS compliant

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