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Itron OpenWay CENTRON Celluar AT&T 4G Meter Form 2s w Remote Disconnect 028-10006-1-20
Itron OpenWay CENTRON Celluar AT&T 4G Meter Form 2s w Remote Disconnect 028-10006-1-20

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Product Code: 028-10006-1-20

The smart meter for the smart grid, the OpenWay CENTRON, is now available with an
LTE Itron Cellular Module (ICM). This integrated OpenWay Cellular solution provides a
complementary communication pathway by incorporating WAN functionality—under
the OpenWay CENTRON meter cover—to connect the meter directly to the OpenWay
Collection Engine via a public wireless network.
The OpenWay CENTRON Cellular LTE takes advantage of new advanced 4G LTE networks. This results in more efficient coverage, higher bandwidth and longer network longevity. The OpenWay CENTRON Cellular LTE includes both a ZigBee® wireless component and an LTE ICM that can be tailored to fi t your unique needs. The module comes factory installed within the OpenWay CENTRON meter—the solution ships as one complete unit, ready for field deployment.
Flexible Two-Way Communications
» Execute all supported reading, configuration and firmware download functionality through user-configurable schedules controlled by head-end meter data management software
» Acquire readings on an on-demand basis when necessary
Automated Interval Data/Energy
Usage Retrieval
» Receive and transmit meter interval data for up to four unique energy values in intervals as small as five minutes.
Recorded events and exceptions with
each interval are also transmitted to the
head-end software, which interprets
them and logs appropriate messages
(such as time adjustments)
Pushing Intelligence to the Edge
» Enable future applications in edge
intelligence by utilizing on the newest
Itron Riva technology platform. By
pushing computing power to the edge
devices, closer to where problems and
opportunities occur, we enable faster,
better decision making.
Automated Register, Self-Read and
TOU Retrieval
» Configure the module to read and
transmit totals, self-reads, maximum
demand, time-of-use (TOU) and critical
peak pricing (CPP) values
Demand Reset Capability
» Perform demand resets, over the
network or locally via tools or the
demand reset switch
Power Outage and Restoration Alarms
» Transmit a real-time “last gasp”
notification when detecting an AC power
outage with built-in ultracapacitor energy
storage. The meter then notifies the
head-end when the AC power is restored
Service Diagnostic and Tamper
Detection Alerts
» The OpenWay CENTRON Cellular LTE
can detect and report exceptions for
meter inversion, meter removal, reverse
energy flow and power outages. The
OpenWay CENTRON Cellular LTE
architecture provides the power outage
notification (PON) and tamper associated
with a meter removal immediately
upon power down. This results in two
exception messages upon power down,
PON and Removal tamper.
Secure Boot
» The OpenWay CENTRON Cellular LTE
has the capability to validate digital
signature prior to uploading and applying
any new ICM firmware.
Bi-Directional Metering
» Support bi-directional net metering
with the OpenWay CENTRON. Both
received and delivered data metrics are
stored in the meter and can be sent to
the utility as needed to support green credit electricity programs for consumers
who own renewable energy facilities or
participate in vehicle-to-grid systems
Automated ID Tracking
» Attach barcode labels and important
identifiers (such as the ICC-ID / MSISDN) to the integrated module for
tracking and troubleshooting purposes
On-Demand Reads for Move In/Outs
and Remote Disconnect
» Remote disconnect available on all
single-phase Class 200 devices
» Perform remote disconnects through
the Collection Engine by retrieving a final
read for a customer and then an initial
read for a subsequent customer
» Allow service to be disconnected or
reconnected remotely as well via a
load-limiting service switch in the meter,
eliminating the need to roll a truck to turn
service on or off
900 MHz ERT Reader
» Collect Encoder Receiver Transmitter
(ERT) from 100G DLS Gas Modules.
The ICM can collect consumption data
and tamper counts from nearby 100G
ERT modules and report this back to the
Collection Engine and other upstream
Clock Synchronization
» Synchronize the meter clock
automatically when time deviation falls
within a user-defined boundary
Integration & Installation
» Ensure simplified installation in the field.
The ICM is a fully integrated, underthe-cover option installed within the
OpenWay CENTRON. The solution
is shipped from the factory as one
complete unit with the module installed,
ready for fi eld deployment.

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