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HiQ Solar TrueString™ Inverter System is a small, flexible, reliable, roof-mounted, 480 VAC

three-phase commercial inverter solution. The modular HiQ Solar TS-480-8K inverters have NEMA6

-rated enclosures, and can be mounted on the solar racking under the PV array. Each inverter has two

MPPT inputs and can be strung at either 600 VDC or 1,000 VDC, due to the wide MPPT tracking window.

Strings may be different lengths, increasing layout flexibility.

Each inverter allows for two strings of modules on separate DC inputs for the two MPPT circuits. These

inverters are ideal for new or retrofit installs, installation in desert and coastal environments, and do not

require any wall space or concrete pads. They have arc-fault protection and are 690.12 (rapid shutdown)

compliant when mounted under the solar array.