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Solivia Transformerless Grid Tied Inverters

Delta’s Solivia transformerless solar inverters offer exceptional value and easy installation. High CEC Efficiencies and a wide DC input voltage range improve solar harvest over the life of the system. The 3.0 kW and 3.8 kW inverters have a single MPPT input, while the 5.2 kW, 6.6 kW and the 7.6 kW models feature dual MPPT Tracking inputs.

The systems are fully compliant with Arc and Ground Fault Protection requirements, housed in a NEMA 4R enclosure which makes them ideal for installation in harsher climates. Cooling is accomplished with internal heat sinks without the need for moving fans, and the inverters will operate at full power in temperatures up to 122°F/50°C. The inverters have a 600 VDC disconnect, and are covered by a standard 10-year warranty that is extendable to 20 years.

Monitoring of the inverter requires the Soliva M1G2 Gateway, which is then connected to the customer’s Internet router via an RS485 port. The free Solivia web-based portal enables the user to view performance and generate custom charts and graphs.