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Off-Grid Solar PV Lighting Kits
These portable solar lighting kits include a small PV module, 3 high-efficiency hanging LED lamps and a lithium ion battery pack with USB ports for charging portable devices. With at least 6 hours in the sun, the kits can keep the lights running for 4 to 8 hours, give or take charging your smartphone. These kits are cost-effective solutions for camping, disaster preparedness, or even replacing costly kerosene lamps in un-electrified parts of the world. The S10030A3 kit is 6 VDC with a 3 W module, 353 mAh battery, and 60 lm lamps.

The SLK201003B3 kit is 12 VDC with a 10 W module, 556 mAh battery, and 100 lm lamps. This larger kit also includes an adapter for charging from an AC outlet. The S100505B3 kit is similar to S100303A3, but includes a larger module and 5 Ah battery as well as 100 lm lamps.