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Aquatec 550 Series Pressure Pumps These Aquatec booster pumps provide “town pressure” for remote home water supplies where 12 or 24 VDC power is available, or the 120 VAC version can be used on remote power systems with inverters.

Dankoff Flowlight Booster Pumps The Flowlight Booster Pumps provide “town pressure” for off-grid home water supplies. They have longer life, greater flow rates, and quieter operation than diaphragm pumps, and use about half the energy consumed by an AC jet-pump running on an inverter.

Dankoff SlowPumps The SlowPump can push water uphill as high as 450 vertical feet. It runs on very low power, with or without batteries, to supply between 200 and 2,600 gallons per day (gpd). The rotary vane pump mechanism is housed in forged brass for durability. Because of tight tolerances, the water must be very clean, so fine filtration is required to protect the pump (10 micron filtration is recommended).

Dankoff SunCentric Centrifugal Pumps The SunCentric Centrifugal Pumps use solar-electric power to pump as much as 50,000 gallons (200 m³) per day from shallow water sources. Applications include irrigation, livestock, domestic water, pond management, water treatment, solar water heating, hydronic space heating, hot water circulation, and fire protection.

Dankoff Solar Force Piston Pumps The Solar Force piston pumps operate directly from a PV array, or from a battery bank charged by PV, or any other power source. They can draw water from a shallow well, pond, stream, river, or storage tank and can push water up-hill

Dankoff Solaram Diaphragm Pumps Solaram diaphragm pumps use industrial-grade, high-pressure, multiple-diaphragm pump heads, and PM motors for either 24 VDC array-direct or battery operation, or 120 VDC (nominal) array-direct operation. Solaram pumps can be used for domestic, agricultural, commercial, or industrial applications.